Blasting Off into Stargate using HTTPie

By Kirsten HunterApr 8, 2021

As a DataStax Developer Advocate, my job is to help our amazing teams provide you with the best possible experience with Cassandra and our products.

The Stargate Documents API: Storage mechanisms, search filters, and performance improvements

By Eric BorczukApr 5, 2021

The Stargate Documents API has made great strides in the past few months. After being introduced as open-source software in late 2020, its development has accelerated quickly. I’m here to give you the rundown: the premises on which we built it, the limitations we’ve faced and worked through, and most importantly, the improvements we have made as a community in the past few months. Let’s get started!

Turbocharge App Development on DSE with Stargate Support for Modern Data APIs

By Paras MehraFeb 10, 2021

It’s a monumental day for DataStax Enterprise (DSE) users: Stargate support for DSE is here! This means that you can now use REST, GraphQL, and schemaless Document APIs in addition to CQL when building your applications on top of DSE. These APIs are available for use with DSE 6.8.

Announcing: Stargate 1.0 GA; REST, GraphQL, & Schemaless JSON for Your Cassandra Development

By Denise GosnellDec 9, 2020

We have tons of APIs integrated within great tools for building dynamic, full stack apps. If you are a developer, you probably are using technologies like schemaless data stores, serverless architectures, JSON APIs, and/or the GraphQL language.

The Stargate Cassandra Documents API

By Eric BorczukOct 19, 2020

If you're like me, when you start coding something new, you're probably finding yourself working with JSON. Maybe you're using Node.js or Python or any other dynamic language that uses JSON-like data natively or maybe you're working with data that you're pulling or serving from REST APIs.

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Hello GraphQL; meet Cassandra

By Chris SplinterOct 5, 2020

Today, we're happy to introduce a new member of the Stargate API family; say hello 👋 to GraphQL. This new API extension makes it easy to add a GraphQL API layer to any new or existing Apache Cassandra® database.

graphql  •  stargate

Init Stargate

By Chris SplinterSep 14, 2020

We're excited to release the first preview of Stargate, an open source API framework for data. This project came about because we got tired of using different databases and different APIs depending on the work that we were trying to get done.