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Stargate is an open source data gateway that sits between your app and your databases. Stargate brings together an API platform and data request coordination code into one OSS project.

Stargate is the official data API for DataStax Astra and DataStax Enterprise!

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What is Stargate?

Stargate abstracts Cassandra-specific concepts entirely from app developers and supports different API options, removing barriers of entry for new software developers.

Stargate astronaut

Latest from Stargate

Turbocharge App Development on DSE with Stargate Support for Modern Data APIs

It’s a monumental day for DataStax Enterprise (DSE) users: Stargate support for DSE is here! This means that you can now use REST, GraphQL, and schemaless Document APIs in addition to CQL when building your applications on top of DSE. These APIs are available for use with DSE 6.8.

By Paras MehraFeb 10, 2021

Announcing: Stargate 1.0 GA; REST, GraphQL, & Schemaless JSON for Your Cassandra Development

We have tons of APIs integrated within great tools for building dynamic, full stack apps. If you are a developer, you probably are using technologies like schemaless data stores, serverless architectures, JSON APIs, and/or the GraphQL language.

By Denise GosnellDec 9, 2020

The Stargate Cassandra Documents API

If you're like me, when you start coding something new, you're probably finding yourself working with JSON. Maybe you're using Node.js or Python or any other dynamic language that uses JSON-like data natively or maybe you're working with data that you're pulling or serving from REST APIs.

By Eric BorczukOct 19, 2020