Stargate Community

Welcome to the Stargate community!

The Stargate project was open-sourced in September 2020 as a data gateway inspired by engineers at Netflix, Yelp, Instagram, and other companies that were building Data Gateway APIs on top of Apache Cassandra and other open-source data infrastructure. As a growing community, we're here to explore new ways to interact with data at scale and have some fun along the way. We build in the open and use the channels below for communication.

Join the Conversation

For discussion, join our Discord server.

We also have more in-depth discussions on GitHub Discussions.

For news and announcements, follow us on Twitter: @stargateio

Join the Stargate group on LinkedIn: @stargateio.

Issue Tracking

Use the GitHub issue tracker for the various Stargate repositories to file bugs and feature requests. If you need help, you can find us on Discord.


Nothing makes us happier than community contributions. See the README in the main stargate repository to get a grasp of the project layout and reference the file for detailed steps.

Acceptance of the DataStax contributor license agreement (CLA) is required in order for us to be able to accept your code contribution. You will see this on the standard pull request checklist for the Stargate repositories.

If you're interested in contributing but don't know where to start, we also recommend looking for a good first issue in the main repository.

If you have expertise to contribute, need more guidance, or have questions, please reach out on Discord .

Code of Conduct

To make Stargate a welcoming and harassment-free experience for everyone, we adopt and follow the Contributor Covenant. Please read our Code of Conduct before engaging with the community.


Stargate was started by a small team of developers, namely Doug Wettlaufer, Michael Penick, Jake Luciani and Eric Borczuk. The majority of its initial development was sponsored by DataStax.

Thanks to all of the amazing contributors, the full list can be found here.

The original Stargate documentation was contributed by Ian Evans.

The Stargate website was contributed by Drew Witmer.

The Stargate logo was contributed by Roger Strunk.