Open Source Data API Gateway

Stargate is a data API gateway that deploys between your apps and your Apache Cassandra database(s).

What does Stargate do?

Stargate transforms Cassandra into a JSON Document DB, automatically exposes your database as secure Web APIs, and non-invasively brings modular, service oriented architecture to the powerhouse database.

Why Stargate for Apache Cassandra

Enable document database as a secondary database model for Cassandra. Skip upfront data modeling and schema definition with the (JSON) Documents API.

JSON schema is also supported for those with structured or semi-structured JSON.

An automatic, high-performance gRPC API for every DB that's as fast as native drivers, with less network API to learn.

Generating a gRPC client for an unsupported language or language version is straightforward.

Autogenerated, secure Web API endpoints for GraphQL and REST for every database - plus token authentication.

Stargate also supports native CQL/Driver traffic.

Modular Cassandra architecture: Stargate separates coordinator and storage nodes into independently deployable and scalable services.

Fine-tune cluster performance using optimal hardware for each workload and scale just what's bottlenecked.

Stargate modularizes itself by separating Web API Services from gRPC/Native driver coordination nodes into independently deployable and scalable services.

Fine-tune cluster performance using optimal hardware for each workload and scale just what's bottlenecked.

Deploy Stargate to anything: bare metal, VMs, Docker, GKE, EKS, K8ssandra, DataStax Enterprise, or as-a-service on Astra DB.

Also available on AWS and Google Cloud Marketplace.

Adapting Cassandra to the APIs, and data serialization formats your organization uses is easier than ever using the gRPC Bridge API and modular architecture.

Just learn one purpose-built extension point, versus having the learn the whole stargate codebase.

Stargate is Apache v2 licensed and uses public Github repos and Discord for collaboration and contribution.

Check out cool stuff in the community, like this experimental Dynamo DB API project, and be welcome!

Cassandra 4.1 itself has new extension points for Storage, Network Encryption, Authentication, Schema Storage, and Guardrails.

API Extensions

Balance productivity with performance across a range of app-to-database connectivity options for your project's needs.


Stargate astronaut

Use native drivers and the Cassandra Query Language to access your data in Cassandra

Open API

Stargate astronaut

Go driverless with a high performance RPC (gRPC) API for every Cassandra database

Stargate astronaut

Serve a GraphQL API from any Cassandra database, in schema first or cql first modes

Stargate astronaut

Serve a RESTful API from any Cassandra database

Stargate astronaut

Save and search schemaless JSON documents

More Performant More Flexible

Modular, Service Oriented Architecture

Stargate Architecture

Scale each tier independently for optimal resource utilization and performance:


  • CQL clients can continue to connect via drivers or CQL over gRPC for the best performance
  • A variety of developer-friendly APIs provide a faster time to market
  • API Nodes scale / deploy independently

Coordinator Nodes

  • Coordinator only nodes separate compute-intensive work, allowing Cassandra nodes to focus on storage.
  • Optimize Coordinator nodes for CPU and Network I/O

Cassandra (storage)

  • Optimize Storage nodes for Disk I/O
  • Support for backend clusters running Cassandra 3.11, Cassandra 4.0, DataStax Enterprise, or DataStax Astra