Starting Stargate with a Docker image

If you are looking to just get started, DataStax Astra Database-as-a-Service can get you started with no install steps.

Pull the Docker image

This image contains the Cassandra Query Language (CQL), REST, Document, GraphQL APIs, and GraphQL Playground, along with an Apache Cassandra 3.11 backend.

docker pull stargateio/stargate-3_11:v1.0.0

Start the Stargate container

Start the Stargate container in developer mode. Developer mode removes the need to set up a separate Cassandra instance and is meant for development and testing only.

docker run --name stargate \
  -p 8080:8080 \
  -p 8081:8081 \
  -p 8082:8082 \
  -p \
  -d \
  -e CLUSTER_NAME=stargate \
  -e DEVELOPER_MODE=true \

The ports align to the following services and interfaces:

Table 1. Default Port assignments for Stargate
Port Service/Interface

Port 8080

GraphQL interface for CRUD

Port 8081

REST authorization service for generating tokens

Port 8082

REST interface for CRUD

Port 9042

CQL service